• History

    SAFEVIEW is a technology company that designs, manufactures, develops and integrates its own and third-party solutions that support the value chain of digital TV, with a specific focus on Internet – TV convergence. SAFEVIEW products are used by dozens of operators in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, serving over 1M users. The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. SAFEVIEW was made up by a pioneering team of engineers on the forefront of digital television development in Spain. It has headed up key high-profile projects such as Via Digital, Imagenio for Telefónica cable and Quiero TV. SAFEVIEW is a certified company: ISO-9001:2008 with its core competencies in design and manufacturing of digital TV equipment, development of information and security systems, technical consulting and interactive and audiovisual services for telecommunications networks.

    SAFEVIEW products:

    • Safeview Conditional Access System, a product characterized by high security, capacity for creating advanced-pay TV services, and ease of deployment across multiple receptors, facilitating rapid deployment in all types of environments, regardless of technology (DTH Satellite, DTT, Coaxial Cable, IPTV) or business model
    • Punto Azul Platform provides premium advertisement services. Punto Azul enables targeted advertising, including segmentation, loyalty, gambling, promotions and direct marketing services
    • Set Top Box (STB) is designed for the ultimate home theater experience. STB is designed to support high quality HD video on the largest HDTV. STB includes full support for HD videos and digital multichannel sound and allows users to view HDTV and DVD videos from their IP network . SAFEVIEW develops STB for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and DTT.

    Previous relevant experience

    The staff is highly qualified in product development (SAFEVIEW employs over 80 highly qualified professionals, of whom 70% are graduates and engineers). SAFEVIEW has a very strong position on the national and international Digital TV market. The company’s areas of specialization include ICT consulting, software development with J2EE and security systems. SAFEVIEW is a leader in the development of new audiovisual services, interactive applications and telecommunications platforms, including: design and development of software for digital decoders, development of interactive services for digital television (MHP, Open TV, MicrosoftTV), development of head-end systems or TV and 3Play platforms, design and implementation of DTT distribution networks, customer loyalty programs and interactive TV advertising. SAFEVIEW has participated in several national and international RTD projects related to the design of DigitalTV equipment. With respect to EU RTD projects SAFEVIEW is part of W3TV FP7-SME-2011 project “Methodologies and tools for the cost-effective development of high-quality Web applications for Internet-enabled TV Consumer Electronics and IPTV” and in the ARTEMIS ASP4project “Self-organizing Intelligent Middleware Platform for manufac- turing and Logistics Enterprise”

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    As the rest of industrial SMEs, SAFEWIEW will participate in the definition of business cases and requirements analysis, verification and validation of methodology and platform design. They will perform the assessment of the ExtremeFactories methodology and platform and participate in the dissemination and exploitation of results. Since they have an experienced software development team, they will be also take part of the early and full prototype development. Owing to the experience of the company developing Security Systems, SAFEVIEW will also be responsible for identifying the operations requiring stronger security measures and for implementing them in the platform.