• History

    OAS is a company developing turnkey solutions for the food and chemical industries, with emphasis to highly automated process technology in combination with weighing, measuring and control technology. OAS also develops computer applications and software. Besides the food and chemical industries (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber), OAS systems are used in different areas such as building materials (e.g. concrete industry, chemical building products etc.) or environmental technology. Main products of OAS include:

    • Turnkey solutions for food, concrete, chemical and other process industries
    • Process control systems and process visualization systems
    • Continuous and discontinuous dosing and weighing technology
    • Weighing data processing systems

    OAS has 150 employees in 7 plants distributed over Germany. OAS specialists have extensive experience in weighing technology electronics to boost production and to assure quality. OAS also has extensive experience combining materials handling and weighing, integrating weighting, dosing, mixing, and control to form a unified system.

    OAS systems control processes, staggered-timing work sequences, volumes, temperatures, rotation speeds and other parameters. Task-specific weighing electronics from OAS in conjunction with SPC and computer technology guarantee maximum reliability and safety for all weighting, dosing, control and visualization tasks in different production areas. One of the main products of the company is proNTo, a system for monitoring and control of processes successfully applied in a number of process industries.

    Previous relevant experience

    OAS staff is highly qualified and skilled in their specialized product area (engineers and technicians). OAS as a modern company and with a strong position on the national and international market and with a growing focus on product customization.

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    OAS will participate in the definition of business cases and requirements analysis, verification and validation of methodology and platform design. OAS will perform the assessment of the ExtremeFactories methodology and platform and participate in the dissemination and exploitation of results.