• History

    Based in Fiskars, Finland, Nikari is a manufacturer of high-quality furniture and interiors made of Finnish wood. The company was founded in 1967 by cabinetmaker Kari Virtanen. In 1993, the business moved to Fiskars, and in 1997 it became a limited company.


    Nikari’s operations are based on professionalism, high quality materials, co-operation and flexibility.
    Its cabinetmakers possess a competence unique in Finland, boasting many awards. Respect for material, combined with decades-long experience of and dedication to wood is Nikari’s point of departure.
    Nikari works in close collaboration with architects, interior designers and other professionals, creating unique bespoke products and furnishings for its customers. The company especially listens to each clients individual wishes and is happy to modify any items of the standard collection as required.


    Nikari manufactures and stocks its own line of furniture. In addition, it is actively engaged in various furnishing projects in Finland and overseas. Its in-house cabinetmakers focus on specially demanding commissions, design and product development. Today, Nikari is placing special emphasis on collaboration with a new generation of designers. Stock products are manufactured in co-operation with a network of expert Finnish companies. This ensures that it can supply even large orders within required schedules. All its furniture is manufactured in Finland.


    The Nikari collection is designed by the cabinetmakers Rudi Merz and Kari Virtanen. Main products are chairs, benches and tables. In addition, Nikari manufactures a range of other products such as storage furniture. All items are suitable for both public and private use, from corporate entertainment facilities to private homes.

    Characterized by an ambitious and contemporary approach, the design of Nikari furniture is deeply rooted in the Nordic tradition. Restrained and serene, the design respects the essence of wood. Nikari furniture fits naturally into interiors from various periods.

    Our solid wood seating range is perfect for various environments, such as:

    • Lounges
    • Cafés
    • Restaurants
    • Corporate hospitality facilities
    • Conference facilities
    • Assembly halls
    • Reception areas
    • Sacral and parish facilities
    • Outdoor spaces
    • For children

    Environmental Policy

    Wooden products are part of the cycle of nature. Wood is the only renewable raw material utilized on a large scale by the construction and furniture industries. The wood Nikari uses is mainly supplied by a sawmill next to Fiskars. Most of the timber comes from nearby forests tended with the principles of sustainability and biodiversity. Manufacturing processes and methods are safe and pleasant for both end-users and employees. Nikari uses only natural oils and waxes for surface finishing.

    Main Tasks in ExtremeFactories

    Nikari will participate the definition of business cases and requirements analysis, verification and validation of methodology and platform design. Being an artisan project-based furniture manufacturer, it will be a key player in the definition of requirements for the platform and methodology oriented to innovation in the creative design process. Nikari will also participate in the assessment and validation with its own design process and in the dissemination and exploitation of results.