• History

    CTOOLS is an innovative cutting tool maker for a diverse range of industries. The company was established in 1980 to manufacture precision machines and tools for cutting shapes out of all kinds of flexible materials. These machines and tools are produced for customers who then use them to perform precision cutting tasks. Customers come from a whole range of industries from aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, to shoe and packaging. CTOOLS uses best-in-breed cutting systems and tools for its customers. The company has expertise in the use of state-of-the-art cutting blades that stay sharp, precision dies and punches.

    The company makes use of the best carbide tools in the manufacture of cutting equipment. CTOOLS has also invested heavily in the latest design (CAD) and computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) equipment. With a current workforce of 12, the company is looking to modernize its operations and expand. To survive and remain competitive, CTOOLS has made significant innovations in the cutting industry, providing a diverse range of products and services. Recently CTOOLS has been innovating cutting techniques for medical applications (accurate cutting for skin grafts), and for the medical device industry (cutting precise shapes for medical devices). This area of business is part of the new direction for the company, and is one in which technology is very important.

    Previous relevant experience

    The company has several patents for innovative cutting products, such as the rotary cutting and creasing process, plus the novel skin cutting processes. CTOOLS has been involved in several European research projects: SOILCY – New sustainable compressor oil production and use. Towards a long eco-efficient life cycle (NMP2-CT-2005-515848); ASSIST – Knowledge-Based Intelligent Design Assistant for SMEs (COOP-CT-2004-512841); FOKSAI – SME Focused Knowledge Management System to support extended product in ambient intelligence domain (COOP-CT-2003-508637); AIM – Acceleration of Innovative ideas to Market (IST-2002-52222); REMOTE – Remote Product/Customer Support via Extended Enterprise (GRD1-2000-25433); VALIDATE – Process and Product Validation for SMEs (CRAFT-1999-70025).

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    CTOOLS is interested in the use of ExtremeFactories services to improve the product innovation process. CTOOLS will participate in the definition of business cases and requirements analysis, verification and validation of methodology and platform design. It will perform the assessment of the ExtremeFactories methodology and platform  and participate in the dissemination and exploitation of results.