• History

    The Center for Factories of the Future Ltd (C4FF) is an SME located in Coventry, United Kingdom and is the instigator of the Factories of the Future project. C4FF has supported similar developments in the EU (1984-2004). The center has an established reputation for developing novel manufacturing systems and software for factory management including lean practices. They also have many years of experience in ICT and manufacturing research and development as well as instrumentation and control projects. C4FF has developed several CNC systems in collaboration with machine tool manufacturers. Their work has led to a new Clean Diesel and Management System. In 1984 the Center became a member of UK TECNET and later became part of the EU EUROTECNET, the first network of innovative technology projects.

    Previous relevant experience

    C4FF has initiated several EU funded projects as well as two EUREKA projects. The following are some of the current projects: Improving Customer Demand and Cost Forecasting Methods (2007-10)–TSB Funded, UK Government; SURPASS – Automated Systems (2009-11) – EU Funded; Development of the Factory of the Future in Turkey (2008-12) – DTO funded; TR M’aider – Emergency Situations (2009-11) – EU funded; EBDIG – Transfer of Technology from Automotive to Boating Industry (2009-11) – EU funded; Installed over 100 improvement projects and Quality systems in the United Kingdom – PERA, 1991-1996 .

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    C4FF will use their ANN, data collection and analysis in the early stages of the project. It will also provide extensive knowledge on the introduction of innovations in manufacturing enterprises for the design of the methodology and validation, where it will also support industrial partner MBAS in the assessment activities. C4FF will also participate in dissemination and exploitation activities.