• History

    ATB is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991 by the State of Bremen, Bremen University, a group of industrial companies (DaimlerChrysler, DASA, STN ATLAS Electronic, BLG) and a number of SMEs from the Bremen region. ATB has a research team of about 20 scientists. Their main strategic business areas are systems analysis and design, knowledge management (KM) and software systems technology. ATB conducts well-balanced application-oriented research in close cooperation with its industrial partners, to solve specific partners’ problems and to contribute to the advancement of system technology sciences.

    Previous relevant experience

    ATB has extensive experience in the area of KM and in the development of tele-diagnostics and remote maintenance systems, as well as R&A systems in complex automation systems (PICK, INTELL-DIAG, AIM). ATB has significantly contributed to real industrial applications of KM approaches, addressing agent-based knowledge acquisition using model-based, ruled-based and case-based reasoning and is also addressing SME tailored solutions for product knowledge management across extended enterprise and knowledge-based design systems (PROMISE, AIM, ASSIST, E-MULT). ATB has been leader of the EU projects on AMI (Ambient Intelligence) technology FOKSAI and AMI4SME.

    ATB has extensive experience in the development of knowledge based systems, ontologies and application of statistical methods and enterprise-wide information integration, and is specifically active in the area of collaborative working environments and networked enterprises. In the scope several current EU projects (InAmI, AMI4SME) ATB is on advanced ICT services for collaborative work in industry.

    ATB has sound expertise in the development of novel ICT solutions and the interfacing with other ICT systems. In a number of EU projects, ATB has developed different applications such as monitoring of the status of components in complex manufacturing processes, context-sensitive data retrieval, intelligent interfacing of agent-based and non-agent systems, among others.

    ATBs main area of interest within the project is the development of a next generation platform including KM and collaborative solutions for the introduction of systematic innovation in industrial environments. The work in the project will be used by ATB to further update and enrich the scientific basis and expertise in semantic KM and collaborative and enterprise networking domain.

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    ATB will lead the design and development of the ExtremeFactories platform, which will be based on ontological foundations, and will contribute to the methodology with its extensive knowledge about the implementation of innovations at manufacturing companies. ATB will also support OAS in the validation of the platform and methodology, and will participate in dissemination and exploitation activities.