• History

    Armbruster Engineering GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized, internationally active engineering company founded in 1995 in Bremen (Germany). The company employs 18 highly qualified members of staff. Since its foundation the company is a consultancy in facility planning and automation. As a result of early project experiences, a new business unit was formed in the year 2000 – engineering with a specialization in installation surveillance. For this new business area Armbruster Engineering developed specific software solutions (ELAM – electric data communication for assembly lines) exclusively in-house.

    Mechanical and electrical devices, which are specific and rare in the current market, are being developed and applied in different projects at Armbruster Engineering. The sales are carried out by providing a STAMA-catalog. Armbruster Engineering also provides a comprehensive service package which consists of a hotline, remote and on-site maintenance as well as spare parts servicing.

    Previous relevant experience

    Armbruster has extensive experience in the design and implementation of the ELAM system, which is based on a set of modules and individually fitted software. It provides functions in the following fields: planning, commissioning, assembling and quality management. The ELAM system sets standards for clarity and completeness in manufacturing execution systems (MES) for assembly lines.

    Main tasks in ExtremeFactories

    Armbruster will participate in the definition of business cases and requirements analysis, verification and validation of methodology and platform design. Due to their experience in the design and development of manufacturing systems for assembly lines, they will be a key player in the definition of requirements for the platform and methodology to innovate in the production process. Armbruster will also participate in the assessment and validation with its own design process and in the dissemination and exploitation of results.