• Partners

    The ExtremeFactories consortium is formed by 11 partners from Spain, Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom. We are 4 research and technical development partners plus 7 industrial partners (industrial SMEs) from several areas -from sustainable wood furniture to digital TV equipment!-. We’re developing innovation management solutions for industrial SMEs. In order to make really great services, we want to have the broadest possible perspective. To this effect, our industrial partners combine companies with consistent innovation processes as well as companies that see innovation as a rare activity.

    The ExtremeFactories project is coordinated by Innopole, a research, development and innovation consultancy based in Toledo, Spain. Other research and technical development partners include:

    • ATB, a research and development center based in Bremen, Germany
    • Centre for Factories of the Future, an SME and research center based in Coventry, United Kingdom
    • Vaibmu, a management consulting company based in Espoo, Finland

    Each research partner will coordinate ExtremeFactories activities with the industrial partners of their countries, gathering requirements, assessing the innovation capabilities of the companies and their networks, implementing the methodology and validating its application in specific business scenarios with our industrial partners. The industrial partners of the project are:

    • SafeviewTV (Spain), digital TV equipment designer and manufacturer
    • FAMMSA (Spain), manufacturer of metal supports for power lines
    • OAS (Germany), designer and manufacturer of turnkey solutions for the food, concrete and chemical industries
    • Armbruster Engineering (Germany), designer and manufacturer of turnkey solutions for the automotive industry
    • MB Air Systems (UK), designer and manufacturer of air compression solutions
    • CTOOLS (UK), manufacturer of cutting tools
    • NIKARI (Finland), designer and manufacturer of high quality Finnish wood furniture