• CloudSME Market Survey

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    Our colleagues of CloudSME project are running a survey to find out the simulation needs of manufacturing and engineering companies. If you are a manufacturing SME you might be interested in runing this survey. There will be funding opportunities within this consortium for  SMEs piloting simulation software.

    You can learn more about the survey here:



    CloudSME Market Survey: Simulation Needs of Manufacturing and Engineering Companies

    The EU is committed to helping manufacturing and engineering SMEs in Europe improve their competitiveness.

    To this end, it is funding a project called CloudSME (www.cloudsme.eu) which is working towards giving manufacturing and engineering SMEs easy and cost-effective access to simulation software in the cloud.

    As part of the project, they are conducting a survey and they need your help.

    This will only take a few minutes, and  will help them understand the needs of manufacturing and engineering SMEs for simulation services in the cloud.  Based on your answers, if you wish, they can then provide you with our assessment on how your business might benefit from simulation.

    There may be opportunities for you to participate in the project and receive funding for it.