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    How to determine an optimal strategy choice

    by  • May 22, 2013 • Readings, strategy

    In the process of strategy formulation a company is often faced with multiple strategy choices. These are all based on thorough strategy analyses of the external environment as well as its internal situation. A key question then is how to choose amongst several strategic choices available to the firm. A logical path would be to choose the one(s)...

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    Reflections on succession and growth in family businesses

    by  • May 13, 2013 • Readings, strategy

    Growth is tricky in family owned businesses and is quite different from corporate growth. Family and business overlap can be very dangerous, if not managed carefully. Because one is typically emotionally driven and subconscious whereas the other is task based and conscious. When a sudden leadership vacuum is created (e.g. by illness or death)...

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    How to internationalize a SME?

    by  • April 29, 2013 • Innovation Series, Readings, strategy

    The initial questions to answer are what we should internationalize; whether it is a technology or a market roll-out. The main concerns are quite different in both the options, e.g. in technology roll-out developing partners/R&D are crucial whereas in market roll-out opening of sales offices/distributors are of major concern. Once defined, then the company...

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    Agile (and fun) training for C-level managers

    by  • April 23, 2013 • Innovation methodology, Innovation Series, Readings

    Vaibmu has been invited as a speaker to present at the International Classified Media Association (ICMA) conference in Cologne, Germany on 17-20th April 2013. Along with our partner INNOPOLE, we ran the Business Operations Forum. This is a session within the ICMA General Meeting targeted to business professionals including CEOs, VPs, CTOs, CMOs (…)....

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    How to achieve organizational ambidexterity

    by  • March 11, 2013 • Innovation Series, Readings

    The ability of a company to efficiently manage its ongoing activities and at the same time prepare for tomorrow’s challenges is the crux of organizational ambidexterity, as simple as it may sound. But rarely an organization is good at both exploitation of its current business and exploration of future options. In practice, we see it rather happening in...

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    Decision Making: economic rationality or emotion galore?

    by  • March 7, 2013 • Innovation methodology, Innovation Series, Readings

    The article by Bertrand et al. (2005) provides an interesting perspective into how psychological factors interfere with economic rationality in consumer decision-making. They tested several factors which seemingly looked irrelevant from a cost-benefit analysis perspective but do influence consumer decision-making significantly. The study sample is taken from the consumer credit market in South Africa. It...

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    Play to Innovate

    by  • January 11, 2012 • Readings

    Sometimes, SMEs have to deal with problems that can´t be resolved with traditional methods. Breaking rules and exploring radically new methods may help us to obtain a different point of view about the way of overcoming a problem of any kind at any level of the company (marketing, finance, manufacturing, engineering, etc). In “Gamestorming....

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    Gaining Pace in New Product Development

    by  • December 12, 2011 • Readings

    Book Cover: Innovating in Product/Process Development

    Innovation is a critical factor in any company’s success, and the need to get innovative products quickly on the market is just as important. Innovating in Product/Process Development demonstrates how to achieve true innovation in product development, and how to launch a new product in the quickest and cheapest way. Companies able to master...

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