• Project Overview

    EXTREMEFACTORIES is a set of tools that allows a company to simply and effectively set-up, monitor and follow-up a business innovation process. ExtremeFactories is targeted to industrial SMEs and is made up of two key elements, a great and user-friendly web-based platform, and a comprehensive set of methodologies and tools -compiled in an illustrated case-based workbook-, from which any SME can get inspiration and skills to manage their innovation process.

    ExtremeFactories is a EU funded project. As such, it has a high focus on innovation. The web-platform includes semantic capabilities (ontologies) that provide their own intelligence to the system, allowing it to infer its users needs and make suggestions. Ontologies also allow the system to make the user experience more relevant, suggesting and prompting alternative routes to their innovation needs.

    The platform will support SMEs who are innovating in a networked environment, also taking into account their internal and external partners, by enabling open, multiple-stakeholder innovation (i.e. customer, provider, supplier, employee focused innovation).

    Project Focus

    The ExtremeFactories solution will be specifically focused to the needs of manufacturing companies and will observe both product and process innovation. The methodology will be based on individual practices found in traditional innovation management methods (such as TRIZ), combined with a selected group of practices obtained from different agile methodologies (such as Extreme Programming, SCRUM and others). Infact, the project gets its name from the ExtremeProgramming methodology.

    The platform will be built on a service oriented architecture, implementing semantic functionalities. This platform will provide the SMEs with services to support them in any step of the innovation life-cycle

    • Problem detection
    • Inception of ideas
    • Prioritization of ideas
    • Implementation
    • Follow-up

    Seven industrial manufacturing SMEs are currently participating in the design and development of the ExtremeFactories solution. This diverse effort will result in a methodology and platform that will be validated and assessed in business cases at these companies. The project proposes a solid dissemination plan as well as a first version of an exploitation plan.

    Project Objectives

    • Creating a new methodology for accelerating the adoption of innovation processes in SMEs anywhere within their value chain
    • Designing and developing an internet-based platform, with semantic capabilities, that will implement as services the concepts of the methodology
    • Assessing and validating the methodology and platform in 7 industrial SMEs. The business cases of ExtremeFactories will deal with different views of innovation: for Management Improvement, Product Improvement/Creation and Process Improvement/Creation
    • Generating awareness on the importance of innovation amongst industrial SMEs